Delivery Information

When a customer books the mail order for their tyres, the delivery of tyres will be made to the address specified in the order confirmation or any other address approved in advance. If a customer books a fully-fitted service for the tyres, the delivery will be made when tyres are fitted to the customer’s vehicle by the specified tyre-fitting centre or other address approved in advance.

Any delivery date mentioned for the goods is only approximate and not confirmed. If there is a delay in delivery, ATI Tyres shall not be liable for delay in delivery or fitting at any time. Any delivery and fitting time will not be the basis of the contract unless agreed by ATI Tyres in writing in advance. In case of a mail-order by the customer, the delivery will be made in advance of the mentioned delivery date, upon giving reasonable intimation to the customer.

If the customer is unable to receive the delivery of tyres or submits inadequate information on the orders page, ATI Tyres with every right can:

  • Store the ordered goods until the actual delivery date and press extra charges for storage and insurance of ordered tyres.
  • Initiate the return to the supplier and charge the customer for delivery, return and selling expenses.
  • Evidence of the return of the goods with carriers’ official packaging/delivery receipt and note, signed as an acknowledgement of the receipt of the goods which will constitute a complete proof of delivery goods specified in the order.
  • Sell the goods at a readily obtainable price (post deduction of storage and insurance expenses) to the customer over the excess price as stated/under the contract or charge the customer for costs incurred because of such return.
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