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Are you looking for Tyre Repair Sheffield Service for your vehicle?

Any of your car tyres can experience a flat due to various reasons. In most cases the reasons are punctures caused by sharp objects or improper pressure in the tyre.

So, whenever in need of a reliable tyre repair Sheffield service around this vicinity, make sure to contact us immediately. We ensure to provide the best possible services within a short period.

Factors to consider before tyre repair

As per the British Standards, tyre repair can only be conducted within the central three-fourth of the tread, termed as “minor repair area.” The exact puncture location plays a significant role in deciding whether a tyres is repairable or a replacement is necessary.

Furthermore, the puncture size is another deciding factor, and if the same is equal or beyond 6 mm in diameter, you will be advised for a tyre replacement.

Many of our clients enquire whether damages in the tyre sidewall are repairable. The answer is ‘no.’ As said earlier, a puncture location beyond the ‘minor repair area’ is not permissible for repairing.

The sidewall undergoes a significant amount of stress daily, and so any fixation can have an adverse effect on the tyre’s structural integrity. One more reason is that the tyre sidewall undergoes a maximum amount of flex, making it difficult for a repair patch to remain affixed for a prolonged period.

Technicians at our end are well-accustomed to the BS AU 159 guidelines will only conduct tyre repairs Sheffield after carrying out a thorough inspection.

If the damaged tyre is non-repairable, you will unfortunately have to invest in a new tyre.

But please don’t worry. If you wish, we will be happy to help you to find a suitable one for your vehicle and your budget.

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