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What Is Rim Sealing?

It means sealing off the gap between the tyre and the rim. The main purpose of rim sealing is to stop dirt, debris, and tiny objects from entering the gap between the tyre and the rim, plus it prevents air from leaking.

Why Is It Important?

A gap between the tyre and the rim, can cause a series of problems, including:

  • Increased puncture risks/tyre blowouts
  • Drop in fuel efficiency
  • Reduced handling- and stability
  • Shorter tyre life
  • Increased accident risks

The Rim Sealing Process

Here is what we do during our rim sealing Sheffield service:

Rim Cleaning

Before starting the actual sealing process, we clean the rims thoroughly to make sure there is no dirt, debris, or contaminants left that can hamper the sealing process.

Rim Inspection

Our experts carefully inspect the rims to ensure there is no damage like cracks, corrosion etc., before starting the sealing process.

Rim Sealing

Once all preparation is done, we use high-quality sealing materials to seal the rims precisely, so dirt, etc., and air entering will be prevented.

Rim Repair

If we find the rims are damaged but repairable, we will inform you, and with your permission, we can help with the rim repairs Sheffield.

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