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Are you looking for Part Worn Tyres in Sheffield?

If you do not wish to purchase premium tyres for your car, you can opt for affordable alternatives like part worn tyres Sheffield from a reliable facility.

ATI Tyres is one such professional facility retailing top quality part-worn tyres Sheffield. We stock a massive collection of these tyres for every major car make and model. Our in-house tyre experts thoroughly inspect all our part-worn tyres before they go on sale to make sure the tyres adhere to the government standards.

It is all about your safety!

With us, you can now end your searches for “part-worn tyres near me”.

Things to consider while purchasing part-worn tyres

If you are planning to buy used car tyres, you must keep these two aspects in mind:

Tread Wear

You should check the tread wear of a part-worn tyre before purchasing. A part-worn tyre with less tread wear will offer more mileage and suitable performance. However, if the tyre’s shoulder wears out or there’s irregular tread wear, you should avoid purchasing it.

Sidewall Damage

Before purchasing a part-worn tyre, check its sidewalls for cuts, scrapes or loose rubber. These are obvious indications of compromised tyre construction. You must not avoid these signs as they may hamper your on-road safety.

Additionally, you should never buy part-worn tyres that have exposed chords.

Safety checks on part-worn tyres

Our technicians conduct several safety checks before selling part worn tyres in Sheffield. Some of these checks are:

  • We are looking for any kinds of cuts
  • Our experts check the tread depth of each tyre and make sure it is not below 2.5mm. (1.6 is the legal minimum)
  • They also ensure the part-worn tyres are free of any bulges, exposed cords or lumps.
  • All tyres will be thoroughly checked for hidden punctures.
  • Finally, they ensure the tyre sports an ECE approval marking, a speed index and a load index.

Why choose us?

At our facility, we give utmost importance to your safety and comfort. We follow standard safety protocols and conduct thorough checks on the part-worn tyres based on legal safety parameters.

Moreover, we host a team of in-house tyre experts who perform strict quality tests such as inflation tests for the highest level of safety and performance.

We are online!

Purchasing part worn tyres Sheffield from us is easy. All you need to do is come to us, we check the tyre size you need and show you what we have in stock.

The quality of our tyres will pleasantly surprise you.

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